Emily Balcetis

Professor of Psychology at NYU and Author of Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World

Emily Balcetis is an Associate Professor of Psychology at New York University and the author of Clearer, Closer, Better: How Successful People See the World. Her research uncovers how the ways people see the world around them impact their ability to meet their goals and represents an intersection among social psychology, judgment and decision-making, social cognition, and perception. She has authored over 70 scientific publications and books and has appeared as a host for National Geographic and a guest on MSNBC and her TED talk has been viewed over 3.8 million times.

She has collaborated with and consulted for Nestle, GE, Prudential Financial, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, and others and is on the scientific advisory board for the not-for-profit group Perception Institute. Emily’s research has been supported with several large grants from the National Science Foundation. She has received numerous awards for her work from organizations including the Federation of Association of Brain and Behavior Scientists, the International Society for Self and Identity, the Foundation for Personality and Social Psychology, and the Society for Experimental Social Psychology. She has also lectured at Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, University of Chicago, Stanford, Berkeley, and other universities.