Kat Cole

AUTHOR of Small Changes, Big Impact

During her first year waitressing at Hooters, Cole covered varied positions from manager to cook, nearly every position at the restaurant. Upon her manager’s recommendation as the Jacksonville franchise’s best employee, Cole was sent to Sydney to train and motivate the new owners and employees at the opening of the first Hooters in Australia. She continued to travel overseas in order to train employees in Hooters Restaurants abroad.

She became a vice president at age 26. As the vice president of training and development, Cole oversaw the growth of Hooters, from approximately 100 locations and $300 million in revenue to 500 locations in 33 countries and $1 billion in revenue.

Kat is currently Chief operating officer and president of North America for Focus Brands. She is a former president of Focus Brands’ subsidiary Cinnabon, an American chain of retail bakeries specializing in cinnamon buns.