Bill Higgs

AUTHOR of  Culture Code Champions: 7 Steps to Scale & Succeed In Your Business.

Bill and two partners took a startup engineering firm from zero to $1Billion in 20 years based on a market changing culture. 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation leadership kept the culture strong and hit $2Billion four years later in 2012. The core is now $8Billion.
Only 6 out of 1 million startups reach $1Billion in annual revenues. Culture is the secret sauce.  Bill and his partner were named the “Kings of Culture” worldwide in the leading industry magazine.
Bill is a Stage IV cancer survivor from 1981. With an 11% survival rate he opted for experimental chemotherapy at M. D. Anderson and made cancer history.
Bill was chosen by Forbes Books and Forbes Speakers as their culture thought leader going into 2020. He wants to help you answer the question “What’s Your Current Culture Costing You?” and he provides the measuring tools to drive improvement in culture to your bottom line. He wants you to make heroes and “Make Your Culture Count!”
Bill shows how to build a team culture in any organization, based on his experience from West Point, as an Army Ranger (King of the Pits in hand to hand combat) and as an Airborne (Parachute) qualified, Combat Engineer Company Commander. The leadership and culture building lessons translated well into his company.
Bill helps companies and teams create winning cultures through a proven seven step process. He wants you to scale and succeed in business by being other-oriented and making heroes of everyone you touch. You will learn how-to steps.
Bill brings decades-long dedication and commitment to excellence in leadership as a distinguished 1974 Graduate (top 5% academically) of West Point and runner-up for a Rhodes Scholarship. He is a Distinguished Eagle Scout.