Mason Harris

AUTHOR of The Chutzpah Advantage

Mason Harris. Listener. Speaker. Author. Entrepreneurs Organization. Award-Winning Company Founder. Knows a few things about selling.

We all sell. If we don’t like that word, okay, then we all “persuade.” Every day, different people. Sometimes products or services. Frequently, it’s ideas. And sometimes, we need to persuade very difficult people, like our children.

I was born to immigrants who found both safety and opportunity in the U.S. Further back, I have roots in Europe and the Middle East. My forefathers knew what it was like to pack and leave in a hurry.

I am an observer of people and a student of self-improvement and business. Growing up, I was fascinated by those people, both introverted and extroverted, whose actions, perseverance, and risk-taking led to more successful lives. These behaviors, and others I have identified, are the foundation of “chutzpah.” Interviews, research, and a worldwide pandemic led to finally writing my book, The Chutzpah Advantage, and teaching others the skillset for “going bigger, being bolder, and doing better.”

My purpose at this point in my career is sharing what I have learned from mentors and thought leaders. Books, articles, keynote presentations, workshops, virtual events, one-on-one consultations. and even an occasional book club event all keep me busy.