Only when it is dark enough, can you see the stars.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

12 Stars. 2 Hours. 10 Minutes Each.

You'll take away dozens of actionable ideas, including:
  • A list of the top 125+ hot opportunities now and coming out of the crisis – skate to where the puck I going
  • #1 tool to use in setting strategy right now – and the two components most critical to immediate success
  • 3 must ask questions of remote workers to guarantee they are making the right decisions
  • The “6 Rs” submarine captain used to keep his team sane, strong, and safe while underwater for 87 days
  • The 10 key questions to ask your landlord if you have lease issues
  • The #1 next thing to do in marketing
  • What the top sales coach in the world is doing right now re: sales
Plus, you'll receive access to three SaaS tools for free, including:
  • Links to three SaaS tools and quick tutorials on how to execute each within minutes
  • The leading tool to measure real-time employee health and morale.  (BTW, their research is showing it’s worse than you might think or your employees are telling you)
  • A complimentary online dashboard system to track priorities, KPIs, and employee “stucks” while working remotely – the system a CEO needs like the CFO needs an accounting system
  • A quick Cash Flow Stress Test – requires just 6 numbers to be entered and then your senior team can test how changes in pricing, volume, A/R, A/P, and several other factors will immediately impact cash



Upon purchasing the recordings, you'll receive access to all segments of the summit,
where you can view in any order you'd like:

Verne Harnish | Navigator

As the author of Scaling Up, Verne has helped firms navigate through crisis’s multiple times, including his own firm after 9/11. He’s curated the 12 stars and will interview/moderate to drive practical “what we need to know today” content in each of their 10 minute segments. More useful ideas per minute than anyplace else – the brand promise.

Margaret Heffernan | "Practicalist"

This tech CEO and author has pivoted, herself, this past week – she has employees right now delivering farm goods! Author of the presciently named upcoming book Uncharted: How to Map the Future and Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril, she will open with some hard-hitting in-your-face real time advice.

Ron Lovett | Deepening Relationships

Ron scaled his private security guard firm to 1500 with no middle management, sold for 24x earnings and wrote what I considered the best biz book in 2018 – Outrageous Empowerment. – He also has a firm helping build strong cultures in major companies (Southwest Airlines’ and Zappos’ Head of People are on his board). Additionally, Ron has a massive number of residential units and is navigating all of that in a practical way.

Hollie Delaney | Insights from Zappos

Hollie is the Chief People Strategist for Zappos, enough said. One of the most respected and bleeding edge firms, Hollie is helping Zappos navigate these tricky waters – learn what they are doing real time.

David Marquet | Execution

David will discuss how to survive quarantine – as commander of a what became the #1 nuclear submarine in the Navy, he and his team survived 87 days under the ocean during the Cold War. He’ll detail the 6 practical “R’s” for remaining strong, safe, and sane under those close conditions. Author of Turn the Ship Around which Fortune named the #1 book the year it published, his latest book is Leadership is Language: The Hidden Power of What You Say…And What You Don’t.

Alex Osterwalder | Strategy Next

Alex, a Swiss guru, wrote THE book on how to pivot and create effective business models. His Business Model Canvas is still the best-selling book in the field with over 5 million companies using his one-page business model tool. His latest book is The Invincible Company, to be released April 14 – he’ll share lessons from that book as they apply to our current situation.

David Meerman Scott | Marketing - Make Fans Now

David is an advisor to fast growing companies such as HubSpot and a Wall Street Journal bestselling author of 11 books, including Fanocracy and The New Rules of Marketing and PR. Over the past five years, David researched how and why passionate fans are the most powerful marketing force in the world. He will share easy to implement techniques for how you can use video right now to grow your business in these challenging times.

Jack Daly | Sales Imperatives

Jack has hired and led over 10,000 salespeople in scaling five businesses, two of which he took public. He’s written two practical books about sales and has led sales teams through various downturns including a mortgage biz in the 2008 meltdown. And he’ll try and hold down the bad language.

Paul Akers | Lean Process Improvement

Beaming in from Japan (where things are essentially normal – which he’ll share), the 2-second Lean guru and author of Banish Sloppiness operates his own firm in Washington state. Paul will share links to a 13-minute and more extensive videos your team can use to do a spring cleaning of processes in the organization – plus get a free copy of his book. FYI – process improvements lead to saving a bunch of cash at the same time.

Santiago Jaramillo | Employee Experience (EX)

As the CEO and co-founder of Emplify, Santiago is a nationally-recognized expert on employee engagement. He’s also the co-author of Agile Engagement, the Amazon bestselling book that provides employers with a framework for measuring employee engagement to achieve measurable business results. Santiago leads a team of employee engagement experts, on a mission to help executives and HR leaders unlock the full potential of their people.

Alan Miltz | Cash Flow

Streaming in from down under, this Aussie created the software system banks use all over the world to assess the loan worthiness of biz owners. After selling that business successfully, he dedicated his life to helping biz owners understand and fix the cash aspects of their business – and created a software tool Cash Flow Story, that coverts complex numbers into a simple language enabling you to stress test your business. Nothing more powerful and you’ll get access for free.

Jonathan Keyser | Non-Ruthless Negotiating

One of the biggest and least flexible costs that companies have is their commercial leases. Helping tenants navigate these is Jonathan Keyser’s expertise as founder of Keyser, which he has grown to $8 figures without being an a-hole (what his latest #1WSJ book is all about). Jonathan will share proven, how-to strategies to negotiate immediate rental relief in a win-win, non-ruthless fashion.

(Optional, US-focused) – Ami Kassar | SBA Loans and Relief Options

Expert on SBA loans and founder of Multifunding, Ami has been hosting webinars the last couple of weeks for over 6,000. He’ll give us the latest update on relief options – and we’ll include a comprehensive list of relief options from the Asia region.


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